Minnesota’s Annual Rite of Spring

Get in Gear Events


I am simply grateful to all of you for a top-notch runner-friendly, inspirational event always.

Rosemary Harnly

The Twin Cities is fortunate to have long time loyal race organizers like you who know how to handle the logistics of multiple races and hold an event that appeals to national class (and some world class!) athletes, as well as average runners challenging themselves to meet distance or time goals while participating in races for fun and/or fitness.

And the Get in Gear amenities are always so fabulous!

Also, you manage to attract exceptional volunteers, with many of them helping out year after year after year. Many thanks to all of them.


Thanks very much! We had a great morning – it’s become a Rite of Spring for our family. I ran with my son from Ann Arbor and my daughter from San Francisco, both in town for the weekend. Thanks again! It’s a splendid race.

Steve Boehlke

First, I think you guys did an awesome job. Your team was so energetic and helpful. Given the weather, the turnout was really good. Everyone I talked to really enjoyed it. Only in Minnesota. The run was mentally tough for me due to the cold. I really ran an easy (obvious by the time) run and was really surprised to see my name as second in the age group. I had a lot of fun and congratulate you on your efforts. When you go to a race that big and things are running smoothly, as a runner you know there was a lot of planning and behind the scenes work. You had flawless execution!


I ran the 5K with my family, my two daughters and my wife. I want to say that you did a great job. The race was well organized and we had fun despite the weather. See you next year!

Patrick Eastman

Many millions of thanks for such a well organized 25th anniversary race!

I felt at peace seeing the results at 5 pm on the web site! What work and coordination, etc. to have these available!!! Thanks very much to all of you… for all the speedy results especially.”

Rosemary Harnly