Minnesota’s Annual Rite of Spring

Get in Gear Events


I want to congratulate you on an outstanding race last weekend. I am from Iowa and ran the half marathon and thought it was a great race. I will definitely be back!

Ryan Bowman

I appreciate the gift certificate – Get in Gear has truly been a “Rite of Spring” for me over the years. I believe I have completed 12 races in all types of weather. This year may have been the worst! I have many fond memories. Running in the 80’s with my young kids cheering, to a PR of 38 min. and later my son ran with me on the day of his junior prom! Several years I introduced new runners to their first race at the Get in Gear. Now my son and I run with some friendly competition as to who will win. I am happy to report that the “old man” was able to beat him this year.

Steve K

I just wanted to compliment you on the prize you sent Award Winners this year. That’s a great wicking shirt!!! I hope you’ll do them again in the future – – it has attracted a lot of attention from other runners! In any event, thanks again for the shirt and for organizing such a great race.

Janet Rosen

You guys have a great event, too bad there aren’t more races like yours in the state. Thanks for everything you do. These races bring a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people. My girlfriend recently started running and it was her first race period and she had a blast regardless of the rain. Thanks again.

Ethan Albertson

Thanks for organizing such a great event on Saturday… despite the wind and snow we still had a great morning!

Nicky Jurgens

I think you guys did an awesome job. Your team was so energetic and helpful. When you go to a race that big and things are running smoothly, as a runner you know there was a lot of planning and behind the scenes work. You had flawless execution!

R.D. Minneapolis, MN

Running the rain was actually fun! It was the shivering before and after that was a little miserable! This was the first time I did this race, and I think I’ll do it again. It was very organized– good job.


GIG is one of the best organized local races, thanks to the effort from volunteers and hard working staff like you. I met Paulette last year after the event and had some good chat. She sponsored some gears for our ECA events which was much appreciated.

Edina Chinese Association

First off I want to thank you all for an AMAZING race! This was my first half marathon and loved how stress-free it was once I got to the event! It was a gorgeous day for a run. I am looking forward to the event next year as well.


Having run the event many times plus worked as a volunteer quite a few times also, it is very clear why Get in Gear continues to be one of the top events in the country. Well organized, efficient, welcoming and memorable for the participants, and terrific, scenic running routes.

S. Hyland