Minnesota’s Annual Rite of Spring

April 30, 2022

Get in Gear Events

Event Director’s Welcome

It has been a journey of patience and resilient learning since the first ever 2020 cancellation of the Get in Gear events, due to the pandemic, which has impacted what we all have known as our normal everyday lives. Our hearts go out to our community of runners that represent every aspect of life in your varied jobs, your community and your loved ones for any hardships endured.

The roller coaster of knowing if we were going to be allowed to host an in person race in 2021 began with launching a live registration in the summer, followed by the awareness that there were no permissions being authorized for some time to come and we had to pivot to a virtual Get in Gear 2021. We refunded anyone that paid more than $45.00 for their registration. This was then followed by continued and many discussions with officials that ended up with final permission for a limited in person event with many stipulations and guidelines that included not being able to close the roads for the event, not being able to offer more than three miles, not being able to do an out and back course, not allowing more than 250 people in a group up to 4 groups and of course to offer a CoVid-19 preparedness plan.

The options were to try or not try. We chose to try and the decision was made to offer the traditional Get in Gear 10K loop course but only with the support and permission from St. Paul so that there would be no more than three miles on each side of the river and it needed to be run on the parkway run paths only. This would be non-certified in distance but would satisfy the normal course map and in doing so the distance will be slightly less than 6 miles but it will be timed and scored as a race for all participants.

We launched our second attempt for a limited in person race under those conditions but with a hybrid concept that still includes our virtual Get in Gear participants as an opportunity for those respectfully not yet comfortable with an in person event.

Between April 10th and April 24th we will be featuring the opportunity for our virtual participants to submit their times and on Saturday, April 24th we will be featuring our limited in person Get in Gear 10K that will allow us to keep the Get in Gear alive, if even in limited capacity, until we can once again bring back the more normal events for 2022.

The journey continues but there is light at the end of the tunnel for events again soon. Thank you for your patience and loyal support as you took this journey with us. It is all of our participants, dedicated sponsors and community support that made this long-time community race into what has been known as the Twin Cities Annual Rite of Spring since 1978 and our gratitude runs deep.

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Paulette Odenthal
Executive Director, Get in Gear, Inc

Paulette Odenthal