Minnesota’s Annual Rite of Spring

April 30, 2022

Get in Gear Events

Corporate Competition

Updated 2022 information will be added as soon as it is available.

This healthy competition fosters employee camaraderie, supports your company’s health and wellness goals and allows participants to compete for Corporate Competition awards.

There is no extra cost to participate in the Corporate Competition division.

We welcome you to submit photos of your corporate team from the event. Submit via email to giginfo@getingearevents.com. We will post your corporate team photos as part of our event photo galleries.


  • All companies with a minimum of 5 employees registered under the company team name are eligible to form a team for the corporate age group awards.
  • All Corporate participants must be age 18 or older.
  • All corporate team members must be paid employees (or legitimately retired from same company) to be eligible. Children or spouses of employees are not eligible to be listed under the team name unless they are current or retired employees; these participants must register as “Individual”.
  • All corporate teams must have one designated team captain; the team captain must be a participant in one of the Saturday events.
  • Teams will include members participating in any Saturday event distance. There are not separate teams per distance.

Results and Awards

Corporate results will be posted on our results page with the overall results and awards will be sent in the same timeframe as the individual awards.

Corporate results will be posted on our results page with the overall results.

Team Formation

All Corporate Competition teams must have one team captain who will enter the company as part of the corporate division. Teams may also designate an administrative contact for handling team business with the Get in Gear office.

We recommend the team captain reviews the team roster and notify the office if there are team members that need to be moved to or from your team. See the deadlines below for restrictions.

If your company will absorb the cost of your team entries, in part or in whole, you may request a coupon code. The minimum number of team participants for a coupon code is 10 participants.

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  1. Complete a Team Formation Request.
  2. Register for your selected race distance and notify the office.
  3. The office will create your team, based on your submitted request, and add you to your team as captain.
  4. Notify your colleagues to register for the race and select your team from the list.


To register for your company team, choose any Saturday event (5K, 10K, 10 Mile or Half Marathon) and ensure you select your company team name from the list of teams.

If you do not see your company team name at registration, contact your team captain to ensure that a request has been made to create the team.

Registrations for corporate participants must be paid in full at time of registration. Discounts within a corporation must be done internally for 2021.

Team Management

Captains are able to review and communicate with their teams members through their participant dashboard. For more information, see the article How can a Team Captain view and email all team members?


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