Corporate Challenge Team Captains

Team Captains: To get started with set up of your Corporate Challenge Team, you will need to register yourself first.

Go to GetMeRegistered and select one of the Corporate Challenge Events (10K, 5K, or Half Marathon). Please complete the registration form.

Once you have completed your registration, the Corporate Challenge team name will be listed in the drop down box for team members to select when they register for a corporate event.

If you will not be participating in a corporate event, send an email to and include the Corporate Challenge team name you prefer to use. The Corporate Challenge team will then be set up for you by the Get in Gear Office Manager. You will be contacted once the Corporate Challenge team has been set up.

Please remind your Corporate Challenge team members to select one of the Corporate Challenge Events (10K, 5K or Half Marathon) when they register.

You can view your team roster at any time at this link:

Team Captains: If your company will absorb the cost of all of your team entries, you must contact the Get in Gear Office Manager for set-up of a coupon code to allow your corporate participants to register without payment. A coupon code will be issued to any corporation processing a minimum of 10 registrations. Email:

Corporate Challenge Team Members: If your team is not listed at online registration, you should contact your Team Captain to enter the information. When registering under a Corporate Challenge team, please select one of the Corporate Challenge Events (10K, 5K or Half Marathon).

All corporate participants will pick up their race numbers individually and meet at their designated signage behind the Pavilion near the waterfalls on race day morning.  Look for company name in alphabetical order.

All Corporate Challenge teams must have one team captain who will enter the company as part of the corporate division. After the team captain registers, then all team members can register and join the Corporate Challenge Team.