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Photo Gallery 2001

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Get In Gear Banner We're ready to run

Group photo op

Stretch out those muscles Stretch those muscles A handy tree for a stretch
Anticipation Fit For Fun meeting Fit For Fun - One for all, all for one!
Anticipating the 2k start Start of the 2k Fit For Fun 2k runners
10k early in the race 10k still bunched up 10k
10k 10k On the run
Stretching it out Runners from overhead Runners closeup
Runners Runners Keeping track
Runners Runners Runners from overhead
Lone runner Another lone runner Ah! The finish line!
Plenty of beverages for all runners H20 anyone? A hug of congratulations
A great leg massage Ah, this is comfortable! A real massage workout!
Don't forget the ankles and toes The GIG store The band
Massage those lower legs A time to reflect upon the race After the race nourishment
Women runners talk things over

Hmmm. Mine is five minutes fast

Information anyone?