New Runner Info

Welcome to the world of running road races.  We hope this information will be helpful to you as you venture into this great arena and we are pleased that you chose the Get in Gear events as part of our “Annual Rite of Spring.” 

Please let us know if you have any questions that we may be able to help you out with.  The following information should help in your first Get in Gear 10K, 5K or Half Marathon.

  1. Your race number:  Please wear your race number on the front of the outer garment you will be wearing across the finish line and secure it with the pins that come with picking up your race numbers.    This is helpful to the announcer to identify you as well as acknowledgement of who you are as you cross the finish line for the timing and scoring crew.  If you decide to layer your clothing make sure you have your number pinned to the outer garment that will be visible at the finish line. The race number this year is part of a timing system called the Bib Tag where the timing chip is embedded inside the sticker that adheres to the back of your race number.  Please do not crumple or fold your race number.  Simply attach it to your outer garment with the four pins on each corner.


  1. Race T-shirt:  If it is race morning you may pick up your shirt either before or after your race. All registrants of the 10K, 5K and Half Marathon will receive a technical performance shirt as part of your registration fee.
  1. Water:  There is water in cups for your convenience located near the start/finish of the 10K.  We recommend you hydrate well before your run especially if it is warmer and the sun is out.  There is one water stop near the middle (5K mark) of the 10K.  There is no water stop located in the 5K.  There are two additional water stops for the half marathon located at the 5.5 mile mark and also at the 8 mile mark of the half marathon and runners will utilize both of these water stops twice for a total of 5 water stops in the half marathon.  Water is located near the start/finish for every participant. Bottled water is available after you complete your race. 


  1. Gatorade:  Gatorade electrolyte replacement drink will be available at the start/finish venue and also will be available at the half marathon water stops beginning with mile 5.5.
  1. Porta-Potties:  There are two sections of porta-potties in the park near the start/finish of the 10K and near the start of the 5K.  There are also all of the indoor toilets located inside the Pavilion.  On the course there is one additional porta potties located at each of the 3.1 mile of the 10K/Half Marathon, 5.5 mile and also the 8 mile. 
  1. Bag Check:  We offer a free bag check in the Pavilion.  Your belongings will be put into a bag and marked with your race number for ease of access when you have completed your run. They will be secure during this time until your return.
  1. Line-Up according to your pace per mile.  The starting line has a corral for the elite front runners of the 10K and behind them are the quicker paced competitive runners in both the 10K and Half Marathon followed by paces that are slower.  Please line up according to your ability.
  1. Massage:  The massage given to the participants is a free service to our runners.  They do an outstanding job and this should help your muscles recover much quicker from your effort.  There will be a minimum of 6-8 skilled and certified massage therapists to handle the volume of runners.  Please show your appreciation of their time by thanking them for being there.
  1. Post-Race Food:  There is ample food for your enjoyment after your run.  Visit the food tent located under the bandstand for a variety of goodies that each participant has access to by simply having your race number.
  1. Results:  Visit our website at for complete results that are posted the afternoon of the race.  We also try to post photos as soon as possible for your enjoyment as well.

Good luck and have a great run.  Thank you for joining us!