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Get in Gear History
1999-current coming in January

Welcome to the Get in Gear Annual Rite of Spring. We are so proud to celebrate 42 years of our event that is so richly steeped in history and tradition since its inception in 1978.

It is very exciting to be a part of the running industry within our community and to continue to provide high quality and well managed running events as the overall mission of the Get in Gear.

The Get in Gear events has something for everyone. Quality shirts, awards, food, corporate competition, give-away race day items and many special awards just for participating in all age groups in all events.

The Get in Gear is proud to reach into our local community to assist with organizations that are seeking funds to build more robust programs. We have worked with so many wonderful organizations and in 2019 have chosen a 2nd year partnership with Girls On The Run Twin Cities and a 1st year partnership with AUSA ROTC. Both organizations work with young people to assist them in their achievements and goals.
To read more about our charitable donation partners, visit our charitable partners page.

We have an excellent volunteer race management team that is committed to making the Get in Gear events a great experience for our valued participants and appreciated sponsors and supporters. We work very closely with our volunteers to help deliver a quality experience to meet well deserved expectations.

We look forward to seeing you on April 26-27, 2019.

Paulette Odenthal
Executive Director, Get in Gear, Inc


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