April 28, 2018
Start time:  9:20am
Minnehaha Park

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5K (3.1 miles) USATF Certified

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5K Course Description

Start on West River Parkway just northeast of the 46th St overpass, running northeast. 

Turn left (west) briefly on 42nd St, then immediately right (north) onto Edmund Blvd. 

Turn left (west) onto 38th St, then turn right (north) onto 47th Ave, then right (east) onto 37th Ave, then right again (southeast) onto Edmund Blvd. 

At 38th St turn left (east) briefly, then immediately right (south) onto West River Parkway.  

Continue under the 46th St overpass and past 46th Ave, where West River Parkway becomes Godfrey Parkway, and finish on Godfrey Parkway in Minnehaha Park.

5K, MN05006RR: http://www.usatf.org/events/courses/maps/showMap.asp?courseID=MN05006RR