2K Fun Run

Friday, April 28, 2017
Start time:  6:00 pm
Minnehaha Park

2016 2K C Tolle Run Video Episode

Frequently Asked Questions      2k School Team

Medallions will be awarded to our 2K finishers

All persons on course must be registered in one of the following categories:

1.    Ages 5 & Under: FREE of charge (will receive medal at finish line but no shirt)
                     Shirt is optional with additional $10 purchase fee at registration

                     Go to GetMeRegistered and select 2K Fun Run Ages 5 & Under

2.    6 & up:   $15 registration fee (will receive medal and shirt)

                     Go to GetMeRegistered and select: 2K Fun Run Ages 6 & Up

3.    2K ASSIST: (MUST BE 18 & OVER TO BE ELIGIBLE) $5 registration fee for bib that will ID as 2K ASSIST to be on course with 2K officially registered participant of any age.  2K ASSIST participants are allowed on the 2K course with their participant but will not receive a medal, a shirt or any other 2K participant swag.

All 2K race numbers and 2K ASSIST tags will be ready for pick-up from Noon-5:30p.m. at Minnehaha Park Pavilion. 

2K Fun Run begins at 6:00p.m.


2K School Teams

1.        5 & under are not eligible for a school team

2.        6 & up: register same way as individual with same rules that apply for 2K ASSIST

School Teams - More Info

2K (1.2 miles) USATF Certified

Get In Gear 2k race course map

2K Course Description

Start at the 46th Street Bridge to run north on Mississippi River Blvd. to the half-way point (0.6 mile) near 42nd Street turning around cones and coming back to the finish line.

All finishers of the 2K receive a custom struck Get in Gear 2K finisher medallion.