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Next Race Date
Saturday, April 30, 2016
10K, 5K, & Half Marathon
Note: 2K Fun Run will be held on Friday, April 29, 2016, 6:00 pm

 4801 Minnehaha Ave.  
, Minneapolis, MN
- Mapquest

Start Times
10K & Half Marathon:   9:00a.m.
(Note: Three hour limit.
  Roads open to public at Noon.)

5K: 9:20a.m.


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"Just wanted to say thanks for putting on a great first year event for the ˝ marathon – the course was great and I thought there were plenty of water stops.  Thanks for all of the great volunteers out there today cheering everyone on  - it was a great day!"

      -- Kortney Haag

"Many millions of thanks for such a well organized 25th anniversary race!

I felt at peace seeing the results at 5PM on the web site! What work and coordination, etc. to have these available!!! Thanks very much to all of you... for all the speedy results especially."

   -- Rosemary Harnly

"Thanks for faxing me info about the race.  I am excited to be running in it again this year -- it was my first road race when I started running in the 90s, and you all do a great job organizing it.  Thanks!"

  -- Betsy
     Betsy Hodges
     Council Member
     City of Minneapolis

"Love everything about Get in Gear! Especially the coffee before the race this year! The shirts are great! It was a leisurely stroll for me with my sister in great weather for the 10k....couldn't ask for better. Keep up the great work!"




Fit-For-Fun 2K


We're looking for GROUPS of 30 or more to volunteer. In return, we will donate up to $500.00 to your organization if it's  the right fit for Get in Gear and it's mission.

If interested in 2015, submit your information by January 31, 2015.

Charitable Volunteer Group Form

We're also looking for non-charitable group volunteers.

And, finally, we're looking for individual volunteers.

All volunteers receive a t-shirt and post-race food.

See Volunteers


"Looking forward to this race…it is my favorite Twin Cities race!"
 -- Carol S

"First, I want to say, 'KUDOS' for another great event; it's so well organized.  It's just fun to be a part of it!"
  -- C. Parker

"I just wanted to compliment you on the prize you sent Award Winners this year. That's a great wicking shirt!!! I hope you'll do them again in the future - - it has attracted a lot of attention from other runners! In any event, thanks again for the shirt and for organizing such a great race."
  -- Janet Rosen

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated my 1st place running t-shirt.  It's an awesome shirt and great quality!  Keep up the good work!  I enjoy this race very much and you guys all do a great job despite what Mother Nature throws at you.  Thanks again".
  -- Scott L.










Countdown clock is based on your computer time (clock) setting and Central Standard Time

Congratulations, Runners!     Thank You, Sponsors!      Thank You, Volunteers!


Searchable 2015 UNOFFICIAL Results

Preliminary race results are posted by early afternoon on race day but are unofficial for about 10 days while any challenges are worked through before final posting.  After that time, all awards and prize money will be sent from the Get in Gear office.

2015 Photo Gallery Now Online!

C Tolle Run 2015 Video

2015 videos from Lee von Lehe

2015 video from Joe Harewicz

2015 Finish Line and On-Course Photos
Notify Me When My 2015 Prints Are Ready

If you have photos of the 2015 Get in Gear you want to share, please send the link to your album to Get In GearYou may already have your favorite photo album sharing site, but some are Microsoft One Drive, Shutterfly, and Google Drive. We only accept album links.

Largest 10K in Minnesota Top 15 in the Nation
4801 Minnehaha Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55417
- Mapquest

Benefitting Second Harvest Heartland and other community organizations


PreferredOne "Time To Run" Video

click here to register online at Get Me Registered  



Scan this QR code with your smartphone and you will be directed to the GetMeRegistered registration page.

Get in Gear 2014 - C Tolle Run - Episode 174
Hosted by Olympian Carrie Tollefson

2014 Get in Gear Video
By Joe Harewicz

2014 Photo Gallery

Special Announcement!
Men's and ladies' long sleeve pullover shirts available for purchase.

Visit our many great sponsors and supporters!

Jumbotron is coming to Get in Gear!
What type of wave will you be using?

Half Marathon Time Limit To Be Enforced

What You Should Know About Minnesota's Largest 10k Blog
2013 - Minneapolis Running

Interested in donating your medal for a good cause?

Medals4Mettle is a nationwide program that takes care of that need. See www.medals4mettle.org for more information on how to donate through the Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter.


Article about Get in Gear's 35th Anniversary in Run Minnesota
Minnesota’s first “mega-race” celebrates significant anniversary

"The Get in Gear is one of the best organized and supported races in the state.  I'm already looking forward to next year!"
      -- Thanks, Adam Himes

"Thanks for organizing such a great event on Saturday... despite the wind and snow we still had a great morning!"
      -- Nicky Jurgens

"I am simply grateful to all of you for a top-notch runner-friendly, inspirational event always."
      -- Rosemary Harnly

"I ran the 2008 5K with my family, my two daughters and my wife. I want to say that you did a great job. The race was well organized and we had fun despite the weather.  See you next year!"
      --  Patrick Eastman

"I think you guys did an awesome job. Your team was so energetic and helpful. When you go to a race that big and things are running smoothly, as a runner you know there was a lot of planning and behind the scenes work. You had flawless execution!"
      -- R.D. Minneapolis, MN

"Despite the weather, I loved being a part of this fun event.  The course is beautiful and all the volunteers and officials were helpful and friendly."
      -- J.S. Boulder, CO.

"Thanks very much!  We had a great morning – it’s become a Rite of Spring for our family.  I ran with my son from Ann Arbor and my daughter from San Francisco, both in town for the weekend. Thanks again!  It’s a splendid race. "
Steve Boehlke

"Congratulations for putting on a great run despite the weather. I've never run it before and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Once you start running, the weather is a non-factor."

  -- Jeff Erickson

"You guys have a great event, too bad there aren't more races like yours in the state. Thanks for everything you do. These races bring a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people. My girlfriend recently started running and it was her first race period and she had a blast regardless of the rain. Thanks again."
   -- Ethan Albertson

"Running the rain was actually fun! It was the shivering before and after that was a little miserable! This was the first time I did this race, and I think I'll do it again. It was very organized-- good job."

  -- Diane

"First, I think you guys did an awesome job. Your team was so energetic and helpful. Given the weather, the turnout was really good. Every one I talked to really enjoyed it. Only in Minnesota.

I had a lot of fun and congratulate you on your efforts. When you go to a race that big and things are running smoothly, as a runner you know there was a lot of planning and behind the scenes work. You had flawless execution! Congratulations!"

  -- Ron Dockery

"Just a quick thank you note for the age group award. The shirts are really great - stylish, nice tasteful design without garish advertising and the wicking fabric is comfortable to run in - a very nice award!"
   -- Jerry Beutel



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Sunday May 10, 2015

Photo Gallery

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10K State Championship

"I just started running a year ago and have run a few 5 Ks, an 8 K, a half marathon and this 10 K.  Of all of the races I have run, this has been the best-- from the transportation to the gorgeous route (and weather helped!).  After running this year, I decided to make it an annual event."

  -- Kellie C.



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